Get Started


How does this process work? We start off with a consultation which lasts approximately 2 hours for $50.00. You have the opportunity to meet me and I have the opportunity to meet you. I will ask you to show me the areas of your home or office that are frustrating you. Please do not cleanup for me. I need to see how your family lives in the home and see specific patterns or habits in order to help implement changes in the areas that overwhelm you. During this initial walk through, I will ask you questions in order to get a sense of what is working well for you and what is not working well. I will offer some suggestions on how to improve certain areas and encourage different habits in other ways. Together, we can come up with some ideas that you can personally take and improve upon on your own time, or if you feel like the disorganization is more than you can handle on your own, we can talk over options that work within your time frame and budget then schedule an organization session.

Organization Session

If you are pleased with the ideas we came up with during our Consultation, then we can take it to the next level. Working together within an agreed upon time frame and budget, we will organize your space.

Once your space is organized to your liking, you will be pleased not only with how good it feels, but you will come away with new habits to maintain the hard work you have invested.


I look forward to meeting with you for a Consultation where my goal is to encourage and empower you for your organization process and to help you maintain the benefits of your newly organized space!